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Michalson Builders is a family company founded in 2011.   It was founded on the desire to build new homes of high quality, enduring design and lasting values.   The company was originally named, Nations Construction – Residential Division, to operate in conjunction with its commercial counterpart, Nations Construction Corp.

From the beginning, we have dedicated ourselves to personalized service and customer satisfaction. We recognize the flexibility needed to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. Our goal is a successful project and a satisfied customer.   Unlike many other operations, our owners are hands on managers of every project. We limit the number of homes will build a year to ensure a hands on approach is achieved on every project.   We treat our customers as lifelong clients and have worked with many for years to help them maintain and upgrade their homes as needed.

In 2013 as our residential company grew, we decided to change the name to Michalson Builders, Inc. to separate ourselves from the commercial company and create our own brand and image. To this day we continue to strive and build quality and unique custom homes.

"We are a premier Home Builder in Houston and the Greater Houston area since 2011"

We are proud members of The Greater Houston Builders Association, The National Association of Home Builders and The Texas Association of Builders.

Michalson Builders

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